Collection: How I am finding inlay parameters.

This is not a tutorial on how to use Vectric!

This is not a course on how to make an inlay cutting board!

This is a strategy I use when I need to find proper parameters for the inlay. Based on Amana Tool 46473 Metric Bit and V carve Pro.

But this strategy is also suitable for other router bits such as 10, 15, 20,30-degree bits.

If you struggle with inlay fit and can`t find proper parameters for the inlay, that tutorial is for you.

I use metric measurements in my demonstration because that’s what I’m used to. You can apply the same rule to the Imperial System.

The main thing is to understand the principle.

Even if you cannot get a good result after watching the video, please email me  ( with your problem, and I will help you solve it. 

Please type your order number in the subject of your email and describe your issue.

This course is not for public or commercial use.

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