Brother in Wood Custom Cutting Boards – Custom Cutting Boards by Broinwood

About Us

My name is Nick, shortly after immigrating to the United States I started creating premium cutting boards as gifts for friends and family. Not long after, I realized the need for high quality custom designed cutting boards. With the help of my brother, we founded Brother in Wood in early 2016.  Since then, Brother in Wood has been manufacturing premium quality foodservice equipment, now with custom inlay designs. We have placed many unique cutting boards in both residential and commercial kitchens across the United States.

At Brother in Wood, we stand for family values, protecting the environment, and supporting local economies in the US. We hand pick all our wood from local Kentucky foresters ensuring they use sustainable harvesting practices. Each piece we use is checked to ensure we are picking the highest quality of wood. Our handcrafting process takes over 10 days to complete. Ensuring the boards are high quality, durable, unique and have a one of a kind silky smooth surface.

I started this business because of the memories all families share in the kitchen and we believe in the power of sharing home cooked meals with family and friends. 

Naturally, we first decided to manufacture premium custom designed cutting boards in the kitchen. It was after enjoying the interactions our families during a shared meal, we realized that the kitchen is where a lot of life happens. Sure, the kitchen is where the tasty meal begins, but it’s also where bonds are formed, generosity and hospitality are fostered, and meaningful memories are created. The life experiences that happen in the kitchen is why we believe every home should have a high-quality cutting board lasting for many years of memories.

We have refined everything from sustainable sourcing, to our creation process, and even our shipping practices. Our goal is to make the cutting boards as unique as the homes they are placed in. We now offer custom inlay designs on any board! At Brother in Wood, we are excited to help you build a positive and unique environment for your kitchen. Therefore, I would like to personally invite you to contact us with your personal design for a free custom quote.