Cutting Board Care Instructions

After each use, wash with warm water and dish soap and dry with a dish towel

Coat with food-safe mineral oil once every month by following the below steps:

  1. Wash with hot water and a sponge
  2. Place the cutting board on its edge to dry for 3-5 hours
  3. Apply one ounce of food-safe mineral oil using a clean rag on both sides and edges
  4. Wipe off every trace of oil.

We strongly advise:

  • Never put in the dishwasher because the heat and water will warp and splinter the wood.
  • Do not stick knives in the board
  • Do not soak in the sink or the dish pan as the board soaks up water and can crack or twist or bow, or all of these at once
  • Do not put hot utensils, tea pots or pans on the cutting board. Placing hot steaks or other cooked meat on the board is okay.
  • Do not put into the Microwave or the Oven. Even if your microwave is big enough for our board, the board inside the Microwave might cause issues. Boards have metal screws in the feet and this is bad for the microwave. Boards might dry out and this is bad for the boards.
  • Do not put near heat sources. Don't forget they are made from wood.
  • Do not use olive or vegetable oils for maintenance as they turn rancid quickly.