Order a custom cutting board – Custom Cutting Boards by Broinwood

Order a custom cutting board

How to order a custom board.

To make the custom board price estimation we need to know the board size you want and the image you want on the board. Below this description you can find a simple request form. When we get your request, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Custom cutting board ordering process.

If you decided to go and order one of our custom board, we will ask you for $100 upfront payment. After your payment we will add your order in our schedule and start working on the project.

Clients satisfaction it is one of our main goals. It means that before making your board physically we will prepare a computer model for you. Sometimes you can feel that it is not exactly what you wanted. It means that we need to work more to find perfect design for you. We will start making the board only after your approval. The approval process can take more time than we expect, as a result board making can take more time as well.

When the board will be ready, we will request the rest of the money and we will ship the board to you.

For all custom-made boards we will make a YouTube video.

Here is an example of what our client asks and what we made.